Pet Electric Nail Trimmer

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Tired of being scratched by your pet and your pet ripping everything apart?!

This Premium Pet Nail Clipper is the most effective solution to clip those sharp nails! No more scratched and ripped couches or furniture!

Noiseless, Mess-Free, Safe and Easy to Operate.

Its the best Electric Pet Nails Grinder with a 3 port design. It is suitable for all cats and dogs (small, medium and large sized). You can groom your pet while watching a TV show at night! This powerful grinder helps you to trim pet nails quickly and safely, reducing the risk of clipping the claws too short to hurt them. Perfect for grinding and smoothing claws nails to prevent scratching and snagging, or to trim nails length.

  • Noiseless operation and low vibration due to High Quality motor inside. Your pet is not going to get scared.
  • Revolutionary no-mess, no-pain nail trimmer for both dogs and cats
  • Applicable to all breeds of dogs and cats (small, medium and large sized).
  • Won't cut or hurt pet's sensitive tissue and nerves like clippers. 
  • Light weight and extremely easy to operate.
  • Precision emery filing wheel gently removes thin layers of nail
  • Unique protective cap contains clipped filings to prevent mess
  • Powered by 2 x AA batteries (Not included)

Size: 175 mm x 23 mm

Package Included:
1* Pets nail trimmer
3* Replaceable Filing Wheels

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