Pet Grooming Glove

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For those of you who have a pet you love, this here was built specifically for you. Made with thick rubber ribs that gently grab every last strand of pet hair until it's all gone. And the best part is, your pet will enjoy it too! Not only do you massage them, but you also eliminate the stray hair so your home looks spotless 24/7!

  • 2 HANDS/3 OPTIONS: you can choose a right hand, a left hand, or BOTH so everyone can use it!
  • CONVENIENT: with this, you can rub your beautiful cat or dog down and remove its stray hairs with little effort!
  • COMFORTABLE: thanks to its premium quality construction, you'll notice the glove is silky smooth and extremely comfortable.
  • BREATHABLE: the soft mesh allows air to pass freely so your hands never get sweaty and remain cool at all times.
  • ADJUSTABLE: contains a wrist strap that's completely adjustable so you can easily find the perfect fit for you!

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